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We’ve Lost Helm Control!

Justin 2013Change is inevitable.  A few years ago, I met Justin Arnold while I was working at Polk County Republicans.  Justin was looking for any opportunity to help the Republican Party being led by John Bloom at the time, and impressed both John and me with his ideas and his writing.  Among other things, Justin began writing for The Conservative Reader.  We became fast friends, and several months later I asked Justin if he would consider taking on responsibility for editing The Conservative Reader: Iowa, and he said “yes”.

Justin recently took a position on Matt Whitaker’s senatorial campaign.  He shut down his business in order to work for Whitaker, and is bringing his various skills to bear in this work.  Being that this is a …

DM Register Bias In Senate Race Already In Full Bloom

Metal trash canThough the U.S. Senate race in Iowa is only in the pre-natal stage the Des Moines Register hasn’t wasted any time in displaying the partisan favoritism it has become infamous for—an impressive feat given the race is only a few months old and has only a combined three candidates declared.

The Evidence

In the last month they have run two stories solely based on Democratic talking points, a practice they have failed to reciprocate for the other side, and flat-out offered no coverage of a significant Republican event.

The first instance occurred almost a month ago when, days after candidate Matt Whitaker announced on The Simon Conway Show, the Register’s Jennifer Jacobs published verbatim a full press-release from the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee attacking Whitaker …

Matt Whitaker Takes Center Stage… For Now

Matt Whitaker, Former US Attorney, Republican US Senate Candidate,Former US Attorney Matt Whitaker announced today that he intends to be a candidate for the US Senate seat being vacated by Senator Tom Harkin (D-Iowa), and will make the official announcement on June 3.  He made the announcement today on WHO Radio’s Simon Conway show.

Whitaker is currently the managing partner at Whitaker Hagenow Gustoff LLP.  He served as the United States Attorney for the Southern District of Iowa from 2004 to 2009, and previously worked for two other law firms and SUPERVALU as corporate counsel.  in 1998, Whitaker graduated from the University of Iowa College of Law and also earned his MBA there.

Matt Whitaker is the first Republican to announce an intention to run for the seat currently held …

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