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iowa-state-capitol-dollarsUpdate: House File 376 (the bonding bill debated Friday evening into Saturday morning) passed the House at about 1:50 AM. – Ed.

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The Iowa House is currently debating the bonding measure  and making my head spin!  $750 million has turned into $650 million, and then other additional principle expenses, plus the interest costs put the cost for Iowans at over $1.4 billion (yes, with a “b”) (some put it at $1.2 billion).  $70 million per year for the next 20 years.Listening to the floor debate, it sounds like the bill sponsors can’t really answer any questions very effectively, and are just throwing money at, what?  As we discussed earlier, we just don’t need this money, these spending plans that aren’t really plans at all, just a lot of ideas to pick from right now.

Just reported that Republicans all signed and filed a letter of dissent for violating the Iowa State Constitution.  From what I’ve heard listening to this, the Democrats have come up with some approach that perhaps keeps them technically in line with the letter of the Constitution, but not the spirit.

Another bill Iowans are not going to like: Earlier today, Senate File 483 was passed by the House.  The bill extends the timeframe allowed by the state to pay refunds back on income tax refunds by a month.  That is stealing from Iowans… actually a type of tax increase.   If you have big refunds coming, it’s probably time to change your W4 to reduce the amount of the refund.

And the Standings Bill has resurrected a number of ideas that had previously be scuttled.

As I post this, it is 12:45 AM and debate continues.  Democrats are probably relieved that they could put this off until Friday evening and Saturday morning.  They’ve succeeded in delaying long enough that many Iowans just aren’t bothering to pay attention so they might be able to get away with what they want.  Thank goodness House Republicans are continuing to put up a fight.

Iowans will remember today regardless. April 25 should become a new war cry against an arrogant government intent upon imposing its will upon the people of Iowa… indeed, this is a trend that did not start in Iowa, but clearly will be felt intensely here.  “Our Liberties We Prize and Our Rights We Will Maintain”.  That’s our state motto.  We should not roll over and allow the government to get away with putting us so deeply in debt against our will, both constitutionally and through voicing openly our opinion.

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And the Iowa Senate is gaveling back in.

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