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Polk County Republicans

Polk County Republicans

Note from Art Smith: As the Communications Director for the Polk County Republican Party here in Iowa, I have had the privilege of watching an extraordinary group of leaders build an organization that has been engaging for the party activists in Polk County, has brought itself into the eyes of the community, has succeeded in hosting several high-value events featuring nationally-known speakers, and most importantly, has provided a valuable support mechanism for our candidates.

The following is a letter from the leaders of Polk County Republicans, Chairman John Bloom and Co-chair Will Rogers.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

As you may be already aware, this election year could be one of the biggest landslide victories for Republican candidates in over 15 years, including right here in Polk County. And it is our belief that Polk County Republicans has never been in a better position to help our candidates achieve victory.

Since 1948, the Democrat Party has been in control of Polk County government. In that time period, we have seen the Democrat Party and its candidates raise millions of dollars from Special Interest Groups and Political Action Committees. And under their leadership, we have seen our property taxes go up, spending go up, our debt go up, and a continued exodus of jobs from Polk County.

This is why the Democrats rely on the support of lobbyists, trial lawyers, unions, and out-of-state corporations. Simply put, Polk County Democrats represent all that is wrong with government.

But we are ready to change all of that.

Since early last year, we have been focused on rebuilding a strong grassroots organization. And the results are beginning to show. So far this year alone we have accomplished the following:

  • 25 Republican candidates on the fall’s ballot – the largest number in the last 40 years.
  • Polk County Central Committee Members and Activists have been instrumental in making tens of thousands of voter identification calls to Republicans and Independent voters.
  • Sponsored Voter Registration and Outreach booths at the Asian Heritage Festival, Latino Heritage Festival, and the Juneteenth Observation Festival
  • Participated in the State Fair Parade and parades in the following communities: West Des Moines, Grimes, Johnston, Ankeny, Beaverdale, Urbandale, Pleasant Hill, and Mitchellville.
  • Identified over 500 volunteers and activists to help our Republican candidates with door knocking, lit dropping, making phone calls, walking in parades, and Get-Out-The-Vote Activities.
  • Helped distribute and put up over 1,000 campaign yard signs for our Republican candidates.

And with this level of organization, combined with just a few thousand dollars more, we can help get our candidates message of responsible government, better jobs, reduced spending and lower taxes out to voters from across the county.

But in order to have a chance at taking back our government, we are going to need your help.

Your gift of $25, $50, $100, $250, $500 or more, will help with the cost of flyers, direct mail, yard signs, and Get-Out-The-Vote activities.

Contributions can be mailed to the Polk County Republican Party, 621 East 9th St., Des Moines, IA 50309 or on line at


Please take a moment to make your contribution today.

Thanks in advance for your encouragement and generous support.

Sincerely Yours,

John Bloom

Will Rogers

P.S. Please help us make this Election Year one of the best ever!

Branstad Must Be In Now

Branstad Must Be In Now


Note: Art Smith is Communications Director for the Polk County Republican Party.  His views as expressed here are not necessarily those of the Polk County Republican Party.

Just an observation but if the Executive Director of the Republican Party of Iowa (RPI)leaves this key position to work on the Branstad campaign, is that not sufficient reason to confirm that Branstad is going to run?   Well, Jeff Boeyink did.  RPI has benefited greatly from Jeff’s work, and will certainly be a challenged in finding a comparable replacement.  Matt Strawn had this to say today:

“I hope all Iowa Republicans join me in thanking Jeff for a job well done. The Iowa GOP is better off because of his service and tireless advocacy for principled, conservative government. I’m personally grateful for his wisdom and guidance and wish him well.”

This is a major coup for the Branstad campaign, due to Boeyink’s strong skills, relationships, experience, and the level of credibility he adds to the campaign.

From Terry Branstad’s campaign comes this statement:

Richard Schwarm today announced the hiring of Jeffrey Boeyink to lead the Terry Branstad 2010 Committee as it continues to explore a possible gubernatorial run by former Iowa Governor Terry Branstad.

Schwarm said, “This is the next natural step in our exploratory process as we move from a volunteer effort to the acquisition of professional staff and financial resources to take Terry Branstad 2010 to the next level of effectiveness.”

Boeyink has served as Executive Director of the Republican Party of Iowa (RPI) since last February and resigned yesterday to accept this new position. Prior to joining RPI, Boeyink served as President of Iowans for Tax Relief where he worked for more than two decades.

Schwarm also noted, “This appointment does not signal any change in Terry Branstad’s status as a potential gubernatorial candidate. He continues in his role at Des Moines University and will make his plans known at a future date.”

Others commenting today included Polk County GOP Co-Chair Will Rogers:

“Jeff has a tremendous amount of experience and will bring a level of talent to the race that is unparalleled by any of the other campaigns including Culver’s.”

The story broke this morning at The Iowa Republican web site (although I first found out about it from David Chung’s Hawkeye GOP site via Facebook).  As David stated, finding a new Exective Director is going to be job one for Matt Strawn.

For all of the other candidates for Governor, I think the time has come to acknowledge that Branstad is in the race, despite Schwarm’s comments about the campaign being “exploratory”.  For some, that might mean cutting off the campaign and for others it means being more direct in speaking about Branstad’s record and ability to beat Culver.  Either way, the elephant in the room should be visible now.

We will be talking about this today on The Bean Walker Live! internet radio show during the first hour.  Email me or chat me your comments today!

Polk County Republicans Select New Leadership

Polk County Republicans Select New Leadership

As we mentioned yesterday, tonight was the Polk County Republican Party election for Chair and Co-chair.  John Bloom of West Des Moines was elected Chairman and Will Rogers of Des Moines was elected Co-chairman.

There was a good-sized. group, including about 80 Central Committee members at Hillside Elementary School in West Des Moines.  The meeting lasted about two and a half hours.

The new leaders are both committed to working to build a stronger party, including improvements in the use and management of technology, and soliciting more active participation by committee and other party members in priortizing the party’s work, plugging people into areas where their talents can be used effectively, unifying the message of the party, and getting Republicans elected.

We look forward to working with this team and finding opportunities to help promote the party’s message.  I only met Will tonight, and have known John for a little over a year, and I believe they will make a great team!

Congratulations to both John and Will!

For those of you in Polk County, if you are not already involved, now is a good time to start.  We will have contact information available here at TCR: Iowa in the near future.

Polk County Republicans Select New Leadership

Polk County Republicans To Elect Chair And Co-chair

Tomorrow night at the monthly Polk County Republican Central Committee meeting, the committee will elect a new Chairman and Co-chairman.  Ryan Anderson, John Bloom and John Gruber have all announced their intention to run for Chairman.  Will Rogers and Art Smith (yes, one and the same) have announced their plans to run for Co-chairman.

This election will be another version of the Republican Party of Iowa election earlier this year.  Most observers and insiders are aware that the party is struggling to get a handle on its identity and purpose.  As Republicans, we have clearly missed some critical opportunities to get our message into the public eye in a way that is both clear and compelling.  Party leadership at many levels (not necessarily within Polk County) has been challenged by mixed priorities, including priorities of personal power.

Everyone is fairly convinced that change is needed.

Our hope is that whomever is elected, that they will be prepared to work hard in the coming year to rebuild party unity, creating and communicating a vision that demonstrates the Party’s relevance and value in helping our community, our state and nation to recover its stature, integrity and ability to open the horizons of all citizens.

I do want to express appreciation for Ted Sporer and Sarah Bowman for their excellent leadership!!!

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