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Polk County Did What Today?

Polk County Did What Today?

County politics are playing out in little Runnells Iowa today.

The parking lot at the Polk County Senior Citizens Center has been in serious disrepair for several years now. The folks are most likely to get hurt, senior citizens, have had to walk through this dangerous environment for a long time.

Thank goodness the county supervisor that represents Runnells is facing stiff competition this year. Dave Funk has put up such a competitive campaign that incumbent Tom Hockensmith has been scrambling to keep his job. So guess what?

The parking lot is getting repaired. Today.

Adjacent is a photo taken this morning of a county truck blocking part of the parking lot to provide the needed (though apparently temporary) repairs.

On Election Day.

In front of the precinct polling place. Actually, this parking lot is used by the polling place.

As quoted by several Runnells residents, “What, do they think we’re stupid?”

If you want honest, fair and open government, you’ll want to vote for Dave Funk. It sounds like the residents in Runnells have already figured that out.

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