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Holy Week: Full Of Distractions

Holy Week: Full Of Distractions

In terms of celebrations and tradition, this week is considered the biggest week of the year for most Christians.  Growing up, it was a little confusing because I had understood that the actual days themselves were significant, when the reality is that what the days represent, what they celebrate, is the significance.

Despite that, this is a week when so many people are busy preparing to celebrate the most important thing that God has done for us, and it is sad that we will be desperately distracted with the impact of the Iowa Supreme Court decision that will allow same-sex partners to be recognized as “married”.

Marriage as an institution was designed by God for many good reasons.  It is intended to honor Him by bringing two people together to fully give their lives over to create what God called “one flesh”… one man and one woman coming together to serve each other, encourage each other, fulfill each other.  The fullness of that relationship results in the establishment of a family that results from that union.  Spiritual and physical procreation is the plan of God, and is to the benefit of the family and the society.  It ensures that there is an established pattern of love, growth, expansion, regeneration, and glorifying of the creator.

Same-sex marriage rejects these fundamentals of God and society and will lead not just toward the continued moral decaying of society, but by reducing the procreative power of society, will join with the impact of abortion-on-demand to diminish the strength of numbers of future generations.  As fatalistic as it may seem, this leads toward a dying society.

Understand, we are in a time where we must by law allow others to do behind closed doors what they want if it doesn’t directly impact others, but by opening the door to normalizing the behavior and institutionalizing it into the form of life-long partnerships with legal infrastructure to support the normalization, homosexual behavior will become more and more common.  What I’m saying is, many (and I’ve spoken with people close to me who have said this) who believe that the behavior is wrong, are content with allowing people to do as they please and have no concern about letting gay couples “marry” because they think it is inevitable and and non-impactful.

But they are dreadfully wrong.  Along with all of the costs associated with normalizing this behavior, we will undoubtedly see an explosion of growth in it, and eventually a predominance of gay “families”, to be followed by generations of severe stagnance because we are unable to maintain sufficient population.  We will become insignificant and absorbed into other cultures that have not been so foolish.  If any such survive.

At this point, it is critical that we at least attempt to start the 3 year process of a Constitutional Amendment here in Iowa.  Although the politics would seem to dictate that this won’t happen in 2009 and possibly not in 2010 either, every effort needs to be made anyhow.  If we cannot begin until 2011, then we are 5 years away from implementation.

The voice of the people may yet carry in pressing this issue with legislators, and your voice counts.  Contact your legislator today.  There are situations where the high court’s role in establishing what is right for our state is critical and usually makes sense even if people need time to absorb it.  This is not one of those situations, and silence only supports the error.

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This will likely be not only a lively week regarding Gay Marriage, but also regarding HF 807 and SF 468: Repeal of Federal Deductibility.  Unless the former is so overwhelming that the latter is lost until the hubbub dies.  However, it’s more likely that the Democratic Leadership will attempt to plow through the debate and voting on Federal Deductibility in an attempt to diminish the public debate over the Gay Marriage issue.

I’m more concerned that one issue may be used to distract everyone while some end run is concocted on the other.  Keep your eyes peeled and your ears open.  Watch here (our Iowa Tweets) and at the Polk County GOP web site (Polk GOP Tweets) for alerts and updates… the public may need to come to the Capitol again to raise our voices.

Happy Holy Week.

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