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The Conservative Reader:

P1010526 Today’s Tea Party was a great event and very successful!  There were between 2,000 and 3,000 people there, great speakers, great weather.  The crowd was very enthusiastic.

The good news is that, if the other events across the country were like Des Moines, we are definitely beginning something that can make a difference.

I appreciated the fact that the organizers were intent on ensuring the event was non-partisan.  Even when Republican lawmakers came out to the event, they were asked to step aside… they were not allowed to be the center of attention.

I got a bunch of crowd, sign and speaker photos.  I’m trying out Flickr.  I haven’t had time to make it all perfect, but want to see how well this is received.  Let me know.

One big highlight was a large sign in the back that read “Declaration Of Independence” for people to sign to show their support.  By the end of the event, it was covered with signatures.  I thought that was really cool.

It will be interesting to see how the Main Stream Media reports this tomorrow.

The entire set can be found at Flickr at this link.

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