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David Vaudt is Iowa’s Auditor.  A Conservative Republican, he has consistently provided an unbiased, unvarnished view into the realities of Iowa’s financial planning and execution.  If anyone knows the score and knows what is required right now, it is David. I think we all know that more needs to be done, and that it is imperative that we stay out of the Rainy Day Fund.  And that we don’t go doing something really stupid like selling off the Lottery.  Stop spending!

Following are some comments from Senator Paul McKinley:

Senate Republicans Applaud Auditor’s Commitment

to Fiscal Responsibility, Sustainable Budgeting

Had governor, legislative Democrats heeded Vaudt’s advice during the past two years, Iowa’s fiscal condition would be significantly stronger today

DES MOINES, IA – Senate Republican Leader Paul McKinley (R-Chariton) today issued the following statement commending Auditor David Vaudt today as he renewed his warnings to lawmakers and the governor that tough and significant spending cuts will need to be made to stave off a potentially disastrous budgetary crunch:

“For the past two years, the auditor has been travelling all over the state speaking to taxpayers about Iowa’s budget and he has been an outspoken and consistent advocate of keeping government living within its means. Iowans are tired of the out of control spending and irresponsible budgeting of the past two years and I want to strongly urge the governor and legislative Democrats to finally listen to the smart suggestions being proposed by the auditor. The auditor is an extremely well respected taxpayer watchdog and he has been right for the past two years and he is right again today. We need to put his proposals into practice and keep this state’s budget balanced without raising taxes or putting hundreds of millions of additional dollars on the state’s credit card.”

“I have been hearing from Iowans in all corners of the state who are fed up with the out of control spending during the past two years. Now, more than ever, it is vitally important that we re-establish the notion that is Iowans who run government and not the other way around. We should be focused on growing Iowa not growing government.”

Hear, hear!

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