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Democrats File (Un)Fair Share Bill… Try To Gut Iowa’s Right to Work Law… Again

kraig-paulsen-2From Iowa House Republican Leader Kraig Paulsen’s office:

(DES MOINES)—Today in the House Labor committee, Democrats assigned a bill which would gut Iowa’s right to work law. House Study Bill 702 is an attempt by House Democrats to take away Iowans’ choice to join a union.

Iowa’s right to work law guarantees that no person can be compelled, as a condition of employment, to join, not join or pay any fees to a labor union. Iowa’s right to work law has been in place since 1947. This bill is a direct attack on hard-working Iowans’ liberties.

“It is simply wrong to tell someone they must give their hard-earned dollars to an organization they have chosen not to be a member of,” said House Republican Leader

Paulsen Comments on Governor’s Address

kraig-paulsen-2(DES MOINES)—House Republican Leader Kraig Paulsen (R-Hiawatha) commented on the governor’s condition of the state address today.

“The governor needs to be straight with Iowans, he has raised taxes to balance his budget and that is unacceptable.  Balancing the budget is not good enough if it’s on the backs of the taxpayer.

“Among others, the governor has signed utility tax increases, raised taxes on Iowa employers,  and a $250 million tax levied on property tax payers.  The governor has repeatedly proposed and signed over a half a billion dollars in tax increases.

“Iowa families have been tightening their belts but, they can no longer be asked to carry the weight of this governor’s mistakes and mismanagement.”…

Iowa House Republican Leader’s Opening Day Remarks

kraig-paulsen-2(DES MOINES)—House Republican Leader Kraig Paulsen (R-Hiawatha) delivered opening remarks to the Iowa House of Representatives today.  The following are his remarks, as prepared for delivery:

Thank you, Mr. Speaker. Mr. Speaker, ladies and gentlemen of the House, family and friends:

First I want to start by welcoming Representative Royd Chambers back to the House.  Thank you for your service, Royd, we’re very happy to have you home.

Obviously we have a difficult year ahead of us.  But rather than look at this as a problem I hope this body will choose to see opportunity.  Opportunity for a stronger Iowa, opportunity to create an efficient and open state government.  An opportunity to give the state back to the people.

Last year we heard a lot …

Iowa GOP Legislators All Fired Up!

iowa-gopI attended this morning’s 2010 Republican Legislative Kickoff Breakfast. At least 200 people, including legislators, party leaders, lobbyists and candidates were in attendance. The event was opened by Jim Kurtenbach, Iowa Republican Party Co-chair. Brief speeches were given by:

  • Steve King, US House District 5 Representative.  Invocation and some comments.  He acknowledged that the results of our work are in God’s hands.
  • Linda Upmeyer , Iowa House Republican Whip.  She reminded us to pray, work to get volunteers on campaigns, and raise the financial resources needed to win.
  • Kraig Paulsen , Iowa House Republican Leader.  He commented that he has a lot of love in his trunk, plus a few sticks of dynomite.
  • Steve Kettering, Iowa Senate Republican Whip,   He

Iowa House Republican Leader Kraig Paulsen’s Closing Remarks

kraig-paulsen-2House Minority Leader Kraig Paulsen provided these remarks at 4:15 Sunday morning:

Thank you Mr. Speaker.  Mr. Speaker, ladies and gentleman of the House,

First I would like to thank my caucus.  It is indeed a great honor to stand for you and represent you.  We are 43 strong and we made a difference – be proud of your efforts and successes. Next year we will stand with 44 members as we welcome our friend Rep. Royd Chambers back from serving our country in the Middle East.  We look forward to serving with him in this chamber again. Thank you to my leadership team: Rod, Jodi, Jeff, and Steve for your input and efforts.  And a special thank you to the Republican Whip, Linda Upmeyer

One More Reason To Show Up For The Tea Party Wednesday

Iowa House Republicans Continue With Budget Savings

House Republicans offered another $52.9 million in cost-saving measures to the education budget bill brought up in the House today.

“From day one, House Republicans promised to dive into budgets and find savings.  Today we delivered on that promise for Iowans,” said House Republican Leader Kraig Paulsen (R-Hiawatha).  “Instead of funding more bureaucracy, Republicans believe we need to fund students and classrooms.”

To date, House Republicans have offered more than $200 million in cost-saving measures to budget bills.  Of these, House Democrats have accepted less than $2 million.

Below is a list of amendments, a brief description and the amount of savings that were offered by House Republicans to Senate File 470, the education budget bill.

H-1553 by

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