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OppurtuniTEA to RealiTEA

In a lot of ways you wouldn’t need much of a crystal ball to see this coming: A Country over 13 trillion dollars in debt with a government either completely ineffectual or damaging in nearly all spheres except military, enacting massive expenditures passed against the majority opinion of its citizens, which gives rise to a movement that wants to stop spending money it doesn’t have and return their government to its Constitutionally relegated space.  These people have been branded with a name: the Tea Party, which is weird because I have never been to a party where everyone is this mad.

Much has been said about this newly minted surge and much is known.  Though you may not have needed it to see it coming, …


Tea Parties Coming…

If you’ve been listening to the conservative talk shows lately, you probably already know about these anti-tax events being held throughout the country.  People are turning out in droves to show their support for lower taxes, better tax structure (like the Fair Tax), and support smarter, smaller, government and spending.

Here in Des Moines, there are two events that I’m aware of.

One is scheduled for April 11 at the Iowa State Capitol.  I don’t know the time yet… I will update you when I do know.  Chris Reed is reported to be the MC for this event.

The other is scheduled for April 15, also at the State Capitol, from 11 to 2.  This group has a web site setup at

If …

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